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Friday, July 3, 2009

Faxless Payday Advance - How to Get Money Quick

Faxless Payday Advance

A advance cash loans is the most convenient way to get money quick and this article will help you find the best online advance payday loan lenders on the market today. While you could drive to your local payday outlet for a advance cash loan, chances are it will be a much longer process than getting a short term loan online. Advance loans have also been proven to consistently offer better interest rates due to the competition that the online marketplace is currently experiencing.

Online advance cash loans have become very popular among Americans who need to get money quick. They are very convenient for consumers in need of a short term loan and online lenders can usually deposit your requested funds directly into your checking/savings account within 24 hours of your application. Online lenders can also provide a advance payday loan and the application process is much more convenient than going to your local retail outlet. Most lenders will require a few things to get an advance payday loan. They are as follows:

• You must be employed or receive regular income from a program like social security or welfare
• If employed, you must make at least $800 per month
• You must be 18 years old as well as a citizen of the United States
• You must have an active savings or checking account that allows for direct deposit

Advance Cash Loan

A advance cash loan online payday is a short term loan usually anywhere from $100 - $1,500 where the lender will expect you to pay back the borrowed amount plus a finance charge on your next pay day. A typical finance charge is $15 for every $100 that you borrow for your advance cash loan. Most lenders are flexible in extending the payback time of your short term loan and if you are unable to pay back the loan they will just roll it over into your next pay cycle.

If you need to get money quick then getting a advance cash loans is a relatively easy process. I would recommend going to a multiple lender website that doesn't issue an online advance payday loan directly but rather is affiliated with several lenders whom they make compete to get your businesses. The old saying "When businesses compete you win" is the reasoning behind these multiple lender sites and I would strongly recommend that you use one if you need to get money quick by getting an online advance payday loan.

A advance cash loans is by far the most convenient method to get money quick and solve short term cash flow problems. All you need to do is go to a multiple lender website and fill out an online application. Once you fill out the online application you will see if you are qualified for an online advance cash loans and what lender was able to provide you the best rate on your short term loan. After you have discussed terms with the most competitive lender then they can usually deposited your requested funds directly into your check/savings account within 24 hours.

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