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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

No Qualifying Payday Advance Loans

No qualifying payday advance

A no qualifying payday advances is a simple payday loan wherein the borrower is given fourteen days to return the borrowed amount. The term 'no qualifying' is used because the loan procedure does not require any credit checks on the borrower. This means that all those who have a bad credit history are also eligible for these loans.

Qualifying For The Loan

A advance cash loan online payday does not conduct the below mentioned enquiries:

• A credit check means that those with a poor credit score or a bad credit history are also eligible for this loan.

• Other than the above, this kind of loan does not require a debt to income ratio investigation. This means that while any bank or financial institution would not give a loan to an individual who has a debt income ratio higher than forty percent, it is not the same with this advance cash loan. Here you would still be eligible for a no qualifying payday advance.

The requirements for advance payday loan are:

1. A regular job for the past three months with a monthly income of at least $1500.

2. A residence proof to show that the borrower is staying in the same house for the past three months.

3. An age proof showing that the borrower is more than 18 years of age.

4. An identity proof confirming that the borrower is a citizen of the US.

5. A valid checking account.

Other than the above mentioned requisites, the borrower needn't worry about any other issues. Let us now look into some other concerns regarding a no qualifying payday advances.

Some Prominent Features

Here are some outstanding features of these loans that people are not generally aware of:

• The loan is an unsecured short-term loan.

• The reason why the interest rates are so high is that there are many default account holders who do not end up repaying the loan.

• The no qualifying payday advance is granted for a period of 14 days only. It is meant to be paid back on the next payday of the borrower.

• If the borrower is not able to payback due to certain reasons then he could be granted an extension of another 14 days. Though, here he would have to pay up an additional fee for a roll over.

No qualifying payday advances

Hence, it is in the interest of the borrower to payback the advance payday loan on time as any delay in paying back would keep adding in on the interest rates. Finally, it is better to learn to handle your finances responsibly and not let such a situation arise in the first place wherein you need to apply for a payday loan.

With minimum requirements you can get a no qualifying payday advances from lending agencies. Check out also no qualifying payday advance is by comparing several lending companies in terms of their interest rates, charges, and fees.

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