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Monday, February 9, 2009

Payday advance cash loans

Advance cash loans are the same thing as payday loans, cash advances or post-dated check loans. They all intend to allow a person get his or her next paycheck in advance. The re-payment is expected within a certain number of days.
In most cases, advance cash loan are only short-term loans. Payment is expected within 15-30 days. This can be done by issuing a post-dated check or agreeing to deduct the payment electronically on the next pay of the borrower. The amount of advance that can be made depends on the policies of the lending agency, but typically it ranges from $100 to $2,000 in the United States.
There are several advantages to getting advance cash loans. First, it is relatively easy to apply for one. This is especially true for lending agencies which only require borrowers to fill out an application form. Among the details that may be asked from them are their address, civil status, occupation and monthly income. To protect the borrower, a privacy policy is being implemented. Aside from this, other requirements they will need to provide are identification, such as a driver's license and their latest payslips.
Another advantage of advance payday loans is that they can easily be claimed within a short period of time. The approval process may only take minutes. The borrower just needs to issue a post-dated check in the amount of the loan, plus the expenses charged by the lending agency.
Advance cash loans also do not require collateral. This allows the borrower to easily get money during emergency situations. Compared to traditional banks that require collateral, lending agencies offering advance payday loan are not that stringent when it comes to approving loans.
However, advance loans also have a downside. They usually have high interest rates. This is allowed by law because advance payday loan are unsecured loans. Most lending agencies implement a flat rate per a certain amount of money borrowed. For instance, it may charge $20 for every $200 borrowed from them. If the borrower is not able to pay the advance he or she made on the agreed date of payment, the charges are doubled. The best thing to do then is for borrowers to be sure that they are capable of paying the money they borrowed on the given time. Otherwise, it may be better to go to traditional banks that offer lower interest rates.

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